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The three guarantee of the quality, environmental protection and safety of printing water washing water

With the continuous tightening of environmental policies, especially the nationwide VOCs levy has been launched this year. Fifteen provinces and municipalities have issued VOCs charging standards. Thi
With the continuous tightening of environmental policies, especially the nationwide VOCs levy has been launched this year. Fifteen provinces and municipalities have issued VOCs charging standards. This is undoubtedly exacerbated by the slow growth of printing enterprises, because enterprises have to shoulder the dual pressure of reducing VOCs emissions and increasing operating costs.
Car washing water, as one of the most important raw and auxiliary materials in printing enterprises, is profoundly affecting the economic benefits of printing enterprises. Today we're going to talk about the car wash. Can not be underestimated the printing water washing water - quality, environmental protection, safety of the three guarantee!
New car wash water
The printing production can not be separated from the car wash water. In the replacement of printing operations, change the version and change ink, printing master is the need to clean the blanket and roller etc.. If the cleaning is not clean, will not only affect the next job of printing, but also damage the blanket and ink roller, reduce the service life of the machine. Before the car wash water appeared in printing, printing master often use gasoline or kerosene to clean the machine, so that the cleaning efficiency is high, because the ink dries quickly, but gasoline and kerosene are volatile solvent, the content of VOCs 100% can cause environmental pollution, and the pungent smell of the human body has hurt the operator. Not only that, the flash point of gasoline and kerosene is low, it is also a inflammable and explosive chemical. At present, there are many varieties of green washing water on the market, but these eco-friendly car wash water is not really green, we need to have a pair of piercing eye to identify the real environmental water washing. Before identifying the true and false green car washing water, we should first give you some basic knowledge about the washing water.
Is the wash water water?
The car wash water is not water, there is no water in the wash water, it is the hydrocarbon of the petroleum products. Environmental protection water washing water is mainly made up of environmentally friendly solvent and high efficiency emulsifier.  When we use it, we mix it in a certain proportion to replace gasoline and kerosene.  The use of washing water can put the blanket and ink rollers, paper wool, paper powder cleaning. Good washing water is not easy to make the roller crystallization, and to avoid rust, not only improves the printing quality, and prolong the life of rollers.
The correct way to wash car water is to add 0.5 portions of water (up to no more than 1 parts of water) to the original solution, and form a solution of oil in water after mixing evenly. This cleaning effect is the best and has no adverse effects on the machine. If the printer carries the automatic cleaning device, it can use the original liquid directly and automatically add water according to the actual needs of the machine.
The relationship between the good use of car washing water and environmental protection and safety in the eyes of the worker's master
In order to make it easier for everyone to understand better, here we want a noun of popular science: flash point.
The flash point indicates the lowest temperature when a mixture of a flammable liquid is heated to the surface of the liquid and the mixture of steam and air in contact with the flame. The higher the flash point, the less easy the liquid is to burn and the safer it is.
At present, a lot of enterprises carry out piecework wage. In a unit time, the more output the workers are, the higher the income will be. The large batch printing in printing enterprises is becoming less and less, and the short delivery of small batch delivery is more and more. This requires the frequent replacement of the printing plates by the operators and the repeated cleaning of the rubber. The workers from their own interests, some hope of washing water like gasoline, washing the blanket, immediately after the volatile roller, it can improve the production efficiency, not to delay the production. This is the well - used car wash water in the eyes of the worker's master. But this kind of use does not meet the requirements of environmental protection and safety, because the fast volatilization of car wash water must be a solvent with low flash point and 100% volatile organic matter content.
The attributes of the qualified car wash water
1 security
First of all, out of fire safety needs. The flashing point of the leveling offset press must be higher than 55 C, and the flash point of the thermosetting wheel must be higher than 100. So when enterprises choose products, low flash products have security risks.
The next is the need for transportation safety. Since the great explosion in Tianjin's coastal dangerous chemicals, the production, storage and transportation of chemicals are being rectified all over the country. According to the national transportation regulations, if the product does not belong to the flash point higher than 61 DEG C, hazardous chemicals, transport according to ordinary goods; if the flash point is lower than 61 DEG C, its production, storage and transportation have special requirements, without qualification, individual production, storage and transportation are required to bear the corresponding legal responsibility.
A southern distributor has had such an accident: the actual flash point of the car washing water is only around 20 degrees. In summer, the high temperature is very volatile. The iron packing barrel can not bear the internal pressure, and there is a deep barrel accident.
From this we know that the flash point of qualified car wash water must be higher than 61.
In view of this, the large batch number on the market is called safety and environmental protection, which is fast and cheap, and the low cost of washing water (also known as the special cleaning agent for rubber cloth) is really qualified? With this problem, a recent experiencer did a small experiment after a dark visit, and the results were shocking.
A printing company used by a printing company in some places, the trademark and the description of the use of the washing water of the flash point is 66 degrees C, the initial distillation point is 190. According to its logo, this should at least be a safe and free skin washing water. However, the truth is that the skin washing water is actually made of No. 120 gasoline with a flash point of about -10 C. From this we can see that the manufacturer is obviously deceiving the user deliberately. The factory had a fire caused by the use of the product, but it was lucky that it had not become a disaster in time.
The three guarantee of the quality, environmental protection and safety of printing water washing water