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"ZhongYa" Ink Additive

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"ZhongYa" Ink Additive

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"ZhongYa" ink additive
In the process of printing, domestic paper produces "pulling", "heap powder", "peeling", "transparent" phenomenon, not only affect the quality of products, increase the number of shutdown and operation intensity, but also reduce the economic benefits. In view of this phenomenon, our company considers all kinds of factors affecting the adaptability of ink and studies the formulation and technology of various ink auxiliary materials at home and abroad. It is the latest multi-function and high efficiency ink additive at home and abroad. It can improve the printability of all kinds of ink to printing paper, especially to overcome the defects and malfunctions such as the common drawing, powder, paste, and printing in printing. It has the unique effect and the effect of printing ink on rotation of lead printing and so on.
This product is characterized by its innocuity and colorless paste, with less consumption and high efficacy. Using this product to mix ink, not to paste the plate, will not change the color of the ink and destroy the balance of the three primary colors, and can make the ink layer more thick, the color phase is more saturated, the printing parts glossiness is higher, the dot is clearer.
This product is used to change the viscosity of ink and change the fluidity of the ink. It is used to eliminate the defects and malfunctions of "drawing", "pile powder", "paste", "transparent printing" in printing production. It is used to improve the adaptability of various kinds of ink to different printing paper, especially the printing paper which is especially loose on the surface strength, and the effect is more remarkable after use.
The dosage of this product is generally 3%-7% of the amount of ink used.
This product uses: This product is suitable for monochrome, two color machine four color machine printing, also applies to letterpress, rotary offset printing and gold and silver ink printing. The four color machine should be flexible in mastering the quantity of the product when printing, and add this product according to the principle of large and small viscosity before printing. In the field, the amount of ink in the color printing ink will be added to 4 - 5%. On the contrary, the dot area is small and the dosage can be reduced accordingly: in the case of rotation offset printing, in general, the addition of about 5% of the additive in the ink can be successfully printed. Ink can be directly added to the ink and mix well, so it is easy and convenient to operate.
Caution: This product is paste, diluted or thickened by the influence of temperature, but does not affect its internal quality. It is stored in a cool place.


"ZhongYa" Ink Additive